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CBB Project Request for Cooperators

28 Oct 2010 10:14 AM | Deleted user
From Shawn Steiman....

Attached, please find a letter from me and Elsie Burbano. We are applying for a grant to a research project to help control the coffee berry borer. We need 5 cooperating farms to participate.

[NYS] Here is Shawn and Elsie's letter

The above letter is a request for cooperators. Please, distribute it to your membership and and other farmers you may know. I'm also sending it to farmers whose addresses I have on hand.

I know things must be busy for you with the festival around the corner. However, the due date for the grant is Dec 3 and we need time to mull things over with the cooperators. Please, consider making this letter a priority.

Please, let me know you've received it and what you'll be doing with it.


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