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The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

 Cupping Competition

This is Kona's premier annual cupping competition.  Coffee farmers from all over Kona enter their best coffee and anxiously await the results from this prestigious event.  If you want to find the best of the best, this cupping is the way to do it.


Kona Classic competition is a large selection of single estate farms.  Every farm has subtly different characteristics and a unique personality carefully cultivated by its owner.  Farms range from full-time commercial operations to tiny boutiques.

Kona Crown competition is reserved for the larger farms and professional processing mills.  All 100% Kona coffee, many of these well known brands are sold to eager connoisseurs all across the world.


Preliminary Round - Wednesday, November 9th, 9am - 2pm.

In the preliminary round, judges sample every coffee entered and narrow it down to a handful of finalists.  It is all excellent coffee so the decision is not easy.  The top 15 finalists will be announced as soon as the judged are done.

Finals - Thursday, November 10th, 9am - 2pm.

In the final round, the judges have nothing but fantastic coffee to taste so choosing a winner requires a highly trained palate.  The final five will be announced at the end of the event and the top three winners will be announced at the Kona Coffee Council Annual Dinner and Auction following the cupping.


Keauhou Shopping Center.  The cupping competition will be held at the Keauhou Shopping Center.  We will be on the stage in the center courtyard.


In addition to watching the judges work, visitors will be able to meet some of the farmers, participate in coffee tasting demonstrations, learn about life on a coffee farm and all about coffee in general.

What are the judges tasting for?  Why do they slurp like that?  Can I try it myself?  While the judges will be too busy, there will be other experts available to answer your questions.  This presentation will explain and demonstrate all the details.  You'll even be able to try it yourself, tasting several different coffees to see if you can tell the difference.


There is a $25 entry fee.  Register here.

This is a popular event and entries are limited so growers and processors should submit their entry early.  Check out the official rules and enter your coffee before it is too late.  Don't forget to register online before dropping off your coffee at CTAHR.

Any questions or comments are welcome and can be sent to cupping@KonaCoffeeCouncil.com

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